2022 Performers




Alan Gogoll

Born on the picturesque island of Tasmania, Alan Gogoll is an Australian acoustic guitarist most known for the invention of his ‘Bell Harmonics’ technique and his signature guitar tuning.

From concert halls in Paris to Beijing, Osaka to Gothenburg, Alan has spent the last several years touring and living overseas, returning to Australia at the end of 2019 before COVID-19 saw the postponement of all upcoming international tours and of life abroad.

Having started playing the guitar at a young age, Alan made his mark on the guitar world several years ago with the creation of his ‘bell harmonics’ technique and series of viral videos such as Bell Harmonics, Mulberry Mouse and Stringscapes, through which the guitar strings can be seen vibrating against different landscapes.

The last few years have seen an explosion in popularity for Alan’s technique and original pieces that all build upon his 28 years of playing. Perhaps most notable are his works Bell's Harmonic, Mulberry Mouse, Through the Leaves and Stringscapes series where he built a custom guitar and camera rig to capture string vibrations from inside the guitar while looking out onto various landscapes. This has led to Alan now having millions of followers across social media, with close to a billion video views and tens of millions of streams on various music platforms.

Alan’s love for solo acoustic guitar performances and compositions have won him an international audience, being recently named Acoustic Guitarist of the Year by Guitar World and Guitar Player Magazine.

Daniel J Townsend

The first Artist in the world to release an Album as a podcast. The record “A tale of Two Cities”was composed and recorded then this sixth generation Tasmanian was living in N.T.

Daniel is a Singer Songwriter /Story teller and will perform on Stage Friday and Saturday and we hope Sunday at the Poet Breakfast.

Many of us enjoyed the wonderful Midland Highway songs Daniel performed on ABC radio. Stories and songs of his journeys between Hobart and Launceston.


Emily Sanzaro

Emily is a solo performing harpist, vocalist, violinist & electronic loop artist based in Launceston, Tasmania. Emily specialises in creating original compositions, contemporary arrangements, improvisations and experimentation with percussive techniques, electronic effects and looping. She also enjoys playing a wide range of musical genres on the harp, harnessing the versatility of the instrument.

Claire Anne Taylor

Award winning Tasmanian Singer Songwriter. Claire's songs capture both the beautiful and dark elements ofthe human experience. Warm, mesmerising ballads to epic anthems. Vivid Story telling,collosal vocals and captivating stage presence. You will witness something quite extraordinary.


Suzette Herft

Suzette Herft is an exotic contemporary troubadour, born in Sri Lanka, but a true Melbournian at heart.  Raised on the British pop coming through Radio Ceylon, the country music from her father's record collection, to the American troubadour singer-songwriters that influenced her teens, she finally found her place in the burgeoning Victorian Folk Scene in the 90's. Suzette has a wealth of songs and a mixes these genres with 'rich, smooth chocolatey' voice, heartfelt and soulful lyrics, a joyful sunny countenance with a natural charm and grace that engages her audience. Don't miss this musical medicine woman whose music will heal your heart!


Mrs Murphy's Twins

Vince Brophy and Tony Newport will present a themed concert as they welcome you aboard the Green Coach line, from Rail to sea, winding their way with stories and songs. Vince and Tony, Both Singer Songwriters will also perform at a concert together.

Stan Gottschalk

Stan is a multi-instrumentalist, who has been playing and singing traditional American music for over sixty years. He emigrated to Australia from the US in 1970, and worked as a solo performer at folk clubs and festivals from his arrival to 1988, when he organised the New Holland Honey Eaters string band, which continues to perform to this day. He is a Life Member of community theatre company Three River Theatre; and in 2021 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Theatre Council of Tasmania. Most recently, he has been a guest performer at the 50th Top Half Folk Festival in the Northern Territory, and performed with the Honey Eaters on stage as part of the “Greek Chorus” he devised as a part of his own production of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Alegria Mia

Alergria Mia are a box -fresh band straight out of Northern Tasmania, with a principal focus on performing and recording original, heigh energy Folk (with the occasional judiciously chosen cover thrown in. Emenents of Latin Amaericana, barnyard showndowns and has a freshness reminiscent of your average impromptu hootenanny.

Luen Barber, Liam Taylor,Duncan Massey,Dave Hextall


Velvet Phoenix

Kerrie Maguire, Anna Talbot and Matthew Dames.

Soaring three part harmonies, and a cappella singing are the major features of their beautiful performance. Velvet Phoenix will perform a themed Concert this year. King Billy is Ablaze. The stories of workers from Tasmania'a West Coast. Not to be missed.



Martin Flanagan

Author of 20 books, two film treatments, a play and a book of poems.

Martin was a writer with the Age for many years.

Hosting our Poet's breakfast on Sunday Morning, we look forward to welcoming Martin to our festival.

This year the breakfast - in the large, Graham Fairless hall .

Socially Distanced and maskes when not eating and drinking.


Kiribati Farm Singers

Fruit pickers from Kiribati islands who love singing while working. Stranded in Tasmania during the pandemic, the men started performing and have become a much loved part of the North West Coast. Expect Audience participation.

Jacob Boote-Blues

Jacob is a blues, swing, jazz and folk resonator guitarist and banjo player covering the 1920's and 30's eras.

Well known in Tasmania for his eclectic and very entertaining performances somewhat in the style of Leon Redbone.

Amy Pegg

Amy Pegg is a singer-guitar-songwriter, from Tasmania, Australia. Influenced by a wide range of artists, Amy crafts songs that blend elements of Pop, Country, Blues and Folk. Her sweet vocal tone, hand in hand with her relatable songs, ranging from warm soulful tunes to anthems, with heartfelt lyrics, portraying stories of personal hardship and triumphs.

Paper Souls

The Husband and Wife Duo, Luke and Sarah Triffitt, have been performing together since 2010. Their influences are rich and diverse, from Classic Rock, Alternative Folk and Blues. Paper Souls raw and emotive stores and full of heart, soul and harmony. Blending true elements from lived experiences and witnessing the world in all its beauty and suffering.

Runaway Belles

Australian Singer Songwriters Tash Parker and Emma Anglesey, both established artists and storytellers in their own right, combine to present beautiful harmonies and rhythmic guitars and wonderful percussion.

Nepalese Dancers

We hope to announce in our programme .

Miazma Belly Bancers

Join in the fun on Saturday in the street and market as these wonderful ladies perform for our festival.

Sands Family Circus

Fun for all the family with the amazing Sands Family. Opportunities to join in. Bring your friends and children.

This event will be held down on the Pier Hotel lawn , as our park is still out of action .

Sat. 12.15 Please tell your friends and bring the children

This is a Free Event.

Jacquie Smart & Margaret Muir -Writers

Jacqui and Margaret, live at low Head. Both published Authors.

Jacqui and Margaret will host this year's Writers Circle . Talking about what happens when you finish your book. Discover the options open to you.

This Event will be held Friday afternoon .

Very limited seating for this event . Please call Chris to register. 0407313103