2022 Programme

Friday 28th

12:00 pm


Festival Office Open - Memorial Hall 12 noon Friday 28th

Our Events are limted in seating numbers , please book your tickets to avoid disapointment. Your Seats are socially distanced and cleaned between shows. Masks are required , refreshments provided.

Online ticket sales: Please bring your official ticket with you to collect your wristband

Weekend tickets take you in to all Events,all weekend. $110 or $100 concession

Concert tickets for each event available in limited numbers $30

Themed Concerts $15

Yacht Club Events please register with Chris 0407313103 (limited seating)

Camping site is not available this year . We hope you understand -restrictions in place. Camping at Low Head Tourist park is availlable 63821573

We ask that if you are unwell please do not attend. Your ticket is refundable.

please bring your masks.


10:00 am - 3:30 pm


Uke Fest 22 - Graham Fairless Hall (Memorial Hall Complex)

We are excited to host this wonderful Event. An opportunity for Uke players to gather and share in a supportive environment. Ukulele players from all around Tasmania will participate for a gold coin donation. Martin 0412129528

We invite an audience and you can pop in and out throughout the day. $5 entry or included in weekend ticket. Audience must keep masks on inside , non alcoholic drinks may be brought in .


1:30 pm


Writers Circle with Jacqui Smart and Margaret Muir - Yacht Club

Jacqui and Margaret will help you with ideas on what to do once you finish your book. Discover options that are open to you. Where to start, What happens next.

Coffee and tea included $10 entry or included in weekend ticket.

Masks required Tea and coffee provided

Very limited seats available, so you need to register for this event. Weekend ticket holders need to register also. Chris 0407313103


3:00 pm


Welcome session at The Pier Hotel.

Come join in the fun with a relaxing drink on the front Verandah.


7:00 pm

Welcome Concert - Memorial Hall

This Concert is designed for those who prefer a shorter concert.

Soft drink or water included. Restrictions prevent us from running a bar this year.

Emily Sanzaro
Daniel J. Townsend
Alan Gogoll
Suzette Herft

Weekend Tickets All Events Limited Concert Sales $30 - book online

Masks required



Saturday 29th

9:00 am


Breakfast - Memorial Hall Area - Outdoors

Lions Club of George Town will run a breakfast Van near the Memorial Hall.

Coffee Van and cafes will be open.


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Festival Market

We are working on bringing a safe, small market to the Festival.

Held in front of the Memorial Hall, a large variety of arts and crafts, Handcrafts, Jams, honey, food and fun.


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Music in the Street

Come down town for a coffee and browse the Market and shops, where our musicians and dancers will perform for your enjoyment.


10:30 am

King Billy is Ablaze - A themed Concert -Bass and Flinders Museum Elizabeth St.

Presented by Velvet Phoenix

Stories and Songs from Tasmania's West Coast. The tragic underground fire at Queenstown's North Lyell copper mine in 1912 and the subsequent building and operation of the Lake Margaret Power Scheme. Most of the songs written by Kerrie Maguire tell stories of tragic loss , courage, heroism and a magnificent frantic rescue effort. They also describe the lives of many colourful characters. Three part harmonies and a cappella singing are the major feature of this presentation.

Kerry Maguire, Anna Talbot and Matthew Dames

$15 at door if not a Weekend ticket holder- Masks required.

you are welcome to bring a non alcoholic drink. approx 60 mins

12:15 pm


Sands Family Circus

A Free Event

The lawn outside Pier Hotel Elizabeth St (Our park is still out of action)

Fun for the whole family with plenty of interaction and fun for kids as this talented family perform and inlcude the audience in their activities.
Please tell your friends


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Slow Session with Dave Brannigan - Pier Hotel Verandah, Elizabeth St.

Join in or just enjoy a drink and music




Afternoon Concert - Memorial Hall


The Kiribati Farm Singers
Amy Pegg
Stan Gottschalk
Alan Gogoll
Suzette Herft

Included in Weekend Ticket or $30 - Book on line
sets 35 mins

Masks required refreshment supplied. Masks required


7:00 pm


Saturday Evening Concert - Memorial Hall


Claire Anne Taylor
Vince Brophy and Tony Newport
Runaway Belles
Paper Souls
Daniel J.Townsend

Sets 35 mins

No Bar due to restrictions, soft drink or water included

masks required

Included in weekend ticket, limited concert tickets available online $30



Sunday 30th

8:00 am


Breakfast - Graham Fairless Hall

Socially Distanced in this big hall for safety. Mask worn when not eating or drinking


9:00 am


Poet's Breakfast - Graham Fairless Hall ( next to Memorial Hall)

Hosted by Martin Flanagan

Register your name on entry if you wish to perform

You are invited to share your poem or recital. This is always a great


Lions Club of George Town preparing and selling breakfast.

10:30 am


Mr's Murphys Identical Twins - Bass and Flinders Centre

A themed Concert by Vince Brophy and Tony Newport

Vince Brophy and Tony Newport invite you to join the Green Coach Line as they travel from rail to sea , with Stories and Songs. This is a very entertaining show, the committee were invited to a house concert and absolutely loved it.

Included in the Weekend ticket or $15 at door. approx 60 mins

Masks required You are welcome to bring a non alcohlic drink




Come Join the Inside Out Choir with Suzette Herft

A free Event

We have decided for 2022, to take our Choir outside the hall (weather permitting). Please gather outside Graham Fairless Hall. Socially distanced and in the beautiful fresh air. Everyone is welcome. We would love to see you there.

We believe singing is so good for us all and ivite you to participate in this safe manner .

Allow up to 60 minutes of fun.

We will not be performing on stage this year but lets face it , the shops and cafes will hear us.


1:30 pm


Farewell Concert - Memorial Hall

MC - Stan Gottschalk

Alegria Mia

Paper Souls
Jacob Boote


Amy Pegg

Velvet phoenix

Included in Weekend ticket or $30 online

Masks required refreshment available

After the Concert , we head to the Pier Hotel for a drink and most of us stay for dinner. Bookings advised.